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Agoeng Koerniawan

Agoeng Koerniawan, artist and curator, Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta (Indonesië)


Agung Kurniawan (1968) is an artist that works in many fields ; drawing, Illustration, printmaking, installation, curating etc. Besides his activities as full time artist he also run a space named Kedai kebun Forum; art space for visual art, black box theatre, and restaurant for economical support. Since 1996 he also founding The Cemeti Art Foundation (now IVAA ;  Indonesia Visual Art Archive) the organization that focused on documenting and project based on archive. The next project that he will work is related with personal history and street prophet, and it will be formulated into drawing installation and video.


He believed that art is a vehicle to communicate, provoke, and stimulate debate in public. Art can also function as second language to when the formal language cannot be used because of taboo or political reason. By that opportunity art has a unique function in the society and not only a economic commodity.

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