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Carmen Mörsch

Carmen Mörsch (Alemanha, 1968) é pesquisadora. Desde 2008 atua como professora
e coordenadora do Institute for Art Education da Kunsthochschule Zürich (Universidade de Artes de Zürich).
Na documenta 12, realizada em
2007, atuou como coordenadora de pesquisa junto ao programa educativo da referida mostra. Seu campo de interesse e invetigação gira em torno de temas como mediação e educação em museus; práticas colaborativas em arte e educação; perspectivas pós- coloniais e queer em arte-educação, para citar os principais.

Director of the Institute of Art Education at the University of Arts, Zurich, Switzerland.

current research includes: artists in museum and gallery education; collaborative practices in art and education; postcolonial and queer perspectives in art education.

collaborative projects in-between art, education and research (selection):



1999 – 2001

Kunstcoop©, a group of seven artists developed a programme of „artisitic art mediation“ for the art association NGBK in Berlin, Germany

2000 – 2002

Concept, realisation and research on KunstKur: participatory art projects in Lohmen, a small village in Mecklenburg, Germany.

2003 - 2005

Research and evaluation of pilot project Kinder machen Kunst mit Medien – Children making art with media, a project funded by the ministry of resarch and education (BMBF) Germany (www.kubim.de)

2004 - 2005

Concept and realisation of retrospective exhibition and catalogue of the collaborative practice of english artist Loraine Leeson

2005 - 2007

research and evaluation of pilot project Interface Art/Mediation, initated by the Association of Free Art Schools in Lower Saxony, Germany (LVKS-NS).


Research and consultation of documenta 12 education programme

Publications in english or with english translation:

Mörsch, C.: Gallery Education as Critical Practice and Research at documenta 12. In: Engage The International Journal of Visual Art and Gallery Education No. 20, Summer 2007. London. S. 34 - 40

Mörsch, C.: Strategies and Tactics: Practices in a Space between Art and Education. In: Rodrigo, Javier (Hg.) (2007) : Práctiques dialógiques. Interseccions de la pedagogia crítica i la museologia crítica. Son Feriol: PD. S. 68 – 72 und S. 229 - 232

Mörsch, C.: Application: Proposal for a youth project dealing with forms of youth visibility in galleries. In: Harding, Anna (Ed.). Magic Moments. Collaborations between Artists and Young People. London 2006. ISBN 1 904772 28 5

Mörsch, C.: “to take all that learning and put it together with all that art”. Loraine Leesons educative art project in the context of english culture politics.

In: NGBK (Hg.): Art for Change – Loraine Leeson. Berlin, 2005. ISBN 3-926792-98-7

Mörsch, C., Lüth N. (Ed.): Children making art with media. Kinder machen Kunst mit Medien. München 2005. ISBN 3-938028-47-5

Mörsch, C.: From Oppositions to interstices: Some notes on the effects of Martin Rewcastle, the first education officer of the Whitechapel Gallery, 1977 – 1983. In: Raney, Karen (Hrsg.): Art of Encounter, Engage 15, London 2004, ISSN 1365-9383, S. 33 - 37

Mörsch, C., Sharp, M.: Gallery Education. In: The International Journal of Art & Design Education, Vol. 22 No.2, 2003 ISSN: 1476-8062

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