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Nnenna Okore

Nnenna Okore (born in Australia, 1975) is an artist who works both in Nigeria and the United States. Her largely abstract sculptures are inspired by textures, colors and forms within her immediate milieu. Okore's work frequently uses flotsam or discarded objects to create intricate sculpture and installations through repetitive and labor-intensive techniques. She learned some of her methods, including weaving, sewing, rolling, twisting and dyeing, by watching local Nigerians perform daily tasks. Most of Okore's work explores detailed surfaces and biomorphic formations. Okore's work has been shown in galleries and museums in and outside of the United States, and she has won several international awards, including a Fulbright Scholar Award in 2012.

Okore is currently a professor of art at North Park University in Chicago, where she teaches sculpture.

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