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Simon Sheikh - English

(Curator, critic and professor - Sweden)

Simon Sheikh is a curator and critic. He is an Assistant Professor of Art Theory and a Coordinator of the Critical Studies Program, Malmö Art Academy in Sweden. He was director of Overgaden – Institute for Contemporary Art in Copenhagen, 1999-2002 and Curator at NIFCA, Helsinki, 2003-2004. Editor of the magazine Øjeblikket 1996-2000, and a member of the project group GLOBE 1993-2000. Curatorial work includes exhibitions such as Exclusion, Consul, Århus, 1993, I Confess, Nikolaj – Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, 1995, Escape Attempts in Christiania, Copenhagen, 1996 (with GLOBE), Do-It-Yourself – Mappings and Instructions, Bricks+Kicks, Vienna, 1997, Models of Resistance, Overgaden, Copenhagen 2000 (with GLOBE), Naust Øygarden, Bergen, Norway 2000, In My Room, Nordic Video, Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. Circa Berlin, Nikolaj – Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, 2005 and Capital (It Fails Us Now) at UKS, Oslo, 2005 and Kunstihoone, Tallinn, 2006. Recent publications include the anthologies We are all Normal (with Katya Sander), Black Dog Publishing, London 2001, Knut Åsdam (monograph), Fine Arts Unternehmen, Zug, 2004, In the Place of the Public Sphere?, b_books, Berlin, 2005 and Capital (It Fails Us Now), b_books, Berlin, 2006. His writings can also be found in such periodicals as Afterall, AnArchitectur, Springerin and Texte zur Kunst. Lives in Berlin and Copenhagen.

Simon Sheikh


born, 1965 in Århus, Denmark.

1. Education

1984 – 88

studies of Art History, Institut for kunsthistorie, Århus University, Denmark.

1990 – 93

studies of Art History , Institut for kunsthistorie, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

2007 – 12

Ph.D. studies at the Art Academy of Malmö, Sweden, in curatorial practice.


2. Positions

1996 – 2001

Lecturer in Art History and Theory at the Art Academy of Funen, Odense, Denmark.


1996 – 2000

Editor of the art magazine Øjeblikket, Copenhagen, Denmark.


1997 – 2000

Art critic for Danish daily newspaper Information.


1999 – 2001

Director of Overgaden, Exhibition Building of the Cultural Ministry, Copenhagen, Denmark.


2000 – 2002

Lecturer in art theory, Malmö Art Academy, Sweden.


2003 – 2004

Curator at NIFCA, Helskinki, Finland.


2003 –  2009

Assistant Professor and co-ordinator of the Critical Studies Program, Malmö Art Academy, Sweden.




3. Exhibitions


1993: News Room København (m. Peter Fend), with GLOBE, Copenhagen.

Sans Frontieres (m. Art in Ruins), with GLOBE, Copenhagen (cat.)

Black Box I - III, with GLOBE, Copenhagen

Exclusion, Consul, Århus. (cat.)

1994: Ja til Sven Dalsgaard, with GLOBE, Copenhagen.

1995: Art Attack with GLOBE, Oslo.

I Confess, Nikolaj Udstillingsbygning, København (with Sanne Kofod) (cat.)

Messe 2 OK, with GLOBE, Köln (cat.)

1996: Escape Attempts, Globe, Christania.

Compartments, with GLOBE. A presentation of the collectives Ampcom (Helsinki), Bank (London), Bricks and Kicks (Wien), Interzone (Milan), Minimal Club (Berlin), Purple Prose (Paris), Transmission (Glasgow) and  W 139 (Amsterdam), various venues, Copenhagen as part of Copenhagen Cultural Capital of Europe.

Interplace Access, with GLOBE, Via Farino, Milan.

1997:  Public Utility, with GLOBE, Kombirama, Zürich.

Do-It-Yourself! - Mappings and Instructions, Bricks & Kicks, Wien. (cat.)

1998: In My Room, Nordic Video, Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. (cat.)

2000: Models of Resistance, Copenhagen / Oslo. With GLOBE.

Naust, (with Lars Mathisen) Øygarden, Norge. (cat.)

2005: Circa Berlin, (with Elisabeth Delin Hansen) Nikolaj Udstillingsbygning, København.

Capital (It Fails Us Now), UKS, Oslo.

2006: Capital (It Fails Us Now), Kunstihoone, Tallinn.

2010: Vectors of the Possible, BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht.


Producer of approx. 60 exhibitions at OVERGADEN 1999–2002.



4. Projects



co-arranging the seminar Art Criticism of the 90s, Institute of Art History, University of Copenhagen.



arranging the seminar D.I.Y., Depot, Vienna.



arranging the seminar The Meaning of Site, University of Copenhagen /Royal Academy of Art.



Arranging the seminar Maskulinitet og Kunstpraksis, Royal Academy of Art, Copenhagen



Arranging workshop/seminar Wild in the streets – on art and activism, NIFCA, Helsinki, Finland



Arranging the seminar In the Place of the Public Sphere?, Det Fynske Kunstakademi, Odense.

Arranging the seminar FeminismS, Malmö Art Academy



Arranging workshop/seminar Power and representation, NIFCA, Helsinki, Finland



Arranging the seminar Representation, Narration And The Production Of Publics And Counter-Publics, National Sculpture Factory, Cork, Ireland.



co-arranging workshop/seminar Public Knowledge Production, EIPCP/WUK, Vienna, Austria



5. Publications.

a) Articles.


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b) Books:

Ja til Sven Dalsgaard (1994),


The Meaning of Site, Ø, Copenhagen, 1998. (with Katya Sander and Cecilie Høgsbro Østergaard)


We are All Normal (and we want our freedom), Black Dog Publishing, London, 2001. (with Katya Sander)

Knut Åsdam: Speech, Living, Sexualities, Struggle, Fine Arts Unternehmen, Zug, 2004.


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Here and Elsewhere, OE, b_books, Berlin, 2009. (With Katya Sander and Hito Steyerl)


Art and Critique. Selected Essays, b_books, Berlin, 2011.


6. Other

1993 co-founder of GLOBE.


1994 Consultant work for national Danish National Television DR, on the cultural magazine Polykrom.


2001 – 2003 President of AICA, Danish section.


2002 Residency at APEX curatorial programme, New York.


2004 – Correspondent for springerin.


2005 – co-founder of  tv-tv, an alternative TV-station in Copenhagen, Denmark


2007 – Advisor, Documenta12 magazine projects, Vienna /Kassel.


2008 – Columnist for E-Flux Journal, New York.