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Solveig Ovstebo

Solveig Ovstebo, director Kunsthall Bergen, Norway http://www.kunsthall.no/index.php

Solveig Øvstebø has since 2003 been the Director of Bergen Kunsthall, one of Norways most significant institutions for contemporary art. She has  curated and co-curated numerous exhibitions such as Sergej Jenssen (2008), The Welfare Show with Elmgreen&Dragset (2005), Center of Gravity with Runa Islam (2006) and The Absence of Mark Manders with Mark Manders.(2007) Rodney Graham (2006) At the moment she is the head curator for the Bergen Biennial Conference taking place in Bergen September 2009.
Øvstebø has been part time tutor of theory/history at the academy of Helsinki and Bergen and produced numerous lectures and articles. Øvstebø graduated in 2001 with a master degree at the art history department from the University of Bergen.

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