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Willem Velthoven

Willem Velthoven | director Mediamatic, Amsterdam, http://www.mediamatic.nl/

Willem Velthoven is fascinated by the cultural sector’s chances to become an essential social hub in society. New media and especially user generated content in open social networks offer enormous possibilities for the innovation of cultural practice.

Trained in visual communications and Art history, Willem Velthoven (Netherlands, 1958) founded and developed Mediamatic (1983) as a cultural organisation and a new media agency and technology developer. In the mean time Mediamatic have also been a, club, a publisher, an Arabic department store and a dating service. Next to a series of exhibitions about self representation on the net, currently Mediamatic are looking into the possibility of becoming a global travel service. Also we’re working with a group of Egyptian artist to develop the first arabic travel guide to the Neteherlands.

In the beginning of the century, Willem served a five year period as a full professor of design with new media at he the Univerity for the Arts in Berlin.


Mediamatic is a cultural organisation based in Amsterdam. Its interest lies in the cultural developments that go hand in hand with new technologies and in new technologies that cause cultural development. Mediamatic organizes exhibitions, salons, lectures, workshops, screenings in public space and develops software and art projects. 

Mediamatic Foundation collaborates with Mediamatic Lab. Mediamatic lab is a web2.0 agency, that designs social network projects, communities and connections to the physical world. Mediamatic's systems are great for sharing knowledge, culture and friends.

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