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Permanent Journal

Permanent Journal is the quarterly digital magazine of the Permanent Forum. Its first six numbers will be performed with the resources PROCULTURA Award for Encouragement of Visual Arts in 2010, managed by Funarte.

Permanent Journal explores the concepts of file collections, temporary exhibitions and curatorial experiment to address current debates about art and museums.

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Takes place on 24/09 the opening of the exhibition Natural-Natural: Nature and Artifice. On 26/09 will be held the International Seminar LAB-04: BETWEEN SCIENCE, POLITICS AND AESTHETICS, which was designed to promote a critical perspective on the interaction of art and architecture to the science and social. Artists, designers, theorists, historians in Brazil and abroad and the general public, will meet to discuss the dichotomy between progress and backwardness, purity and contamination, beauty and ugliness, and science and ideology underlying the heart of the modern movement Brasileiro. Read more ...

Fórum Permanente is a platform for the generation of content and documentation specialised in analysing and discussing the relationship between Contemporary Art and its spaces of social reception, as well as its innovation trends and historical deadlocks. By following events and exhibitions it focuses on the circulation of art through cultural apparatus and urban environments. Therefore, Fórum Permanente’s main goal is to strengthen the “development of the public” and to facilitate access to the important concepts which have risen throughout art’s history up to the present, fostering a dialogue with all those who have access to this medium: both the general public and specialists. READ MORE >>>

Museum as Interface

The departure point for this concept is the author’s PhD thesis entitled "Museum Imaging, Modelling Modernity" of 1993 at the University of Liverpool and the most recent field of application, in addition to Forum Permanente (this mediation platform where this essay is published), was the Sao Paulo Cultural Centre (CCSP) where from July 2006 to May 2010 an institutional programme was developed, influenced mainly by the conclusions, ideas and situations presented and discussed in this text.

Jul 23, 2018

The global turn of contemporary art in Brazilian collections

Workshop, August 21/22, 2008, Goethe-Institut São Paulo

Dec 01, 2012

Sonsbeek 2008

Principal exposição internacional de escultura da Holanda acontecerá no Sonsbeek Park em Arnhem de 13 de Junho até 21 de Setembro.

May 27, 2008


English version

Sep 18, 2013