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REFLEXIVE OVERVIEW: 11 years of reflexions and discussions The State of São Paulo's Annual Museum Conference


On July 07, 2021 Fórum Permanente in partnership with the State System of Museums of São Paulo (Sisem-SP) and Acam Portinari launched the book REFLEXIVE OVERVIEW: 11 years of reflexions and discussions The State of São Paulo's Annual Museum Conference. The e-book proposed by Fórum Permanente to SISEM-SP and Acam Portinari in early 2018, brings texts of the main officials involved in more than a decade of building and maintaining a public policy aimed at museums in São Paulo. The publication also has a selection of critical reports produced for each edition, as well as a retrospective critical report on the main tables and developments generated by each SSAMC, among other unpublished materials. It is available for free in PDF / EPUB in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Versión en Español - PDF (Paginas simples)Versión EPUBVersión PDF (paginas duplas)

Versão em Português Versão PDF (páginas simples) / Versão EPUB / Versão PDF (páginas duplas)




The first three books of the Permanent Forum collection are bilingual (Portuguese and English) and were awarded by the Brazil Contemporary Art Program, the result of an initiative between the Ministry of Culture and the Biennial Foundation. The collection, launched in 2011 in different cities in Brazil and abroad, is initially presented through three books:

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    Text presenting the collection




















    Art Museum Today

    Organized by Martin Grossmann & Gilberto Mariotti

    Access to the text

    Critical Reports: 27th Bienal de São Paulo Seminars.

    Organized by Ana Letícia Fialho & Graziela Kunsch

    Access to the text

    Modes of Representation of the São Paulo Biennial

    by Vinicius Spricigo

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    About Academia: an online interpretation

    In 2019 Fórum Permanente won the ProAC call for proposals to produce the exhibition About Academia by Spanish artist Antoni Muntadas. Given the covid-19 pandemic the exhibition was held in virtuality and can be accessed at


    About Academia provokes a reflection through art about the American academic and university system, more specifically about the public/private duality, as well as the complex relationships that exist between the production of knowledge and the economic interests that influence education in its different forms of pedagogy. Integral parts of the video installation are the two publications that are the complete interviews with the teachers and the transcripts of the students' speeches. Both works are available in Portuguese and Spanish, for the modest price of five reais per edition HERE.