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Fórum Permanente Book Series

The Forum Permanente announces the launching of its book series in partnership with Hedra, a publishing house based in São Paulo. The first three bilingual (English-Portuguese) books were granted an award by the Brazil Contemporary Art Program, an initiative of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture and the São Paulo Biennial Foundation. The collection is presented through compilations organised by theme, publications of critical reports on the events recorded online and books promoting the debate around the institutionalisation of art, both locally and globally.

Presentation of the Book Series

Museum Art Today
Edited by Martin Grossmann & Gilberto Mariotti.

This compillation brings important contribuitions for the understanding of the art museum´s role and mission in Brazil in a globalised situation, having as a starting point the MASP, the São Paulo´s Art Museum designed by Lina Bo Bardi inaugurated in 1968. Curators, cultural managers, architects and artists take part of this debate, amidst them, Paulo Herkenhoff, Marcelo Araújo, Moacir dos Anjos, Marcelo Ferraz and Ricardo Basbaum. The book shows that though facing recurrent institutional crises, the trajectory of the art museum in Brazil is singular, by launching and promoting new ideas and new social-cultural operational modes.

Read the book here

Critical Reports: 27th São Paulo Biennial Seminars
Edited by Ana Letícia Fialho & Graziela Kunsch.

Writing and publishing critical reports on talks, workshops and debates has been fostered by Forum Permanente since the first events it has produced back in 2003. This book brings together some of the critical reports produced for the 27th São Paulo Biennial International Seminars, becoming therefore a critical document of the discursive events that took place along 2006. Reports are written by young Brazilian art writers such as Fernanda Pitta, Paula Alzugaray, Kiki Mazzucchelli and Gilberto Mariotti. It also includes the introductory text for the seminars by the 27th Biennial´s curator Lisette Lagnado.

Read the book here

Modes of Representation of the São Paulo Biennial The passage from artistic internationalism to cultural globalisation
by Vinicius Spricigo.

This book presents part of the results of the PhD research undertaken in the School of Communication and Arts of the University of São Paulo that studied three São Paulo Biennial editions, the ones that took place in 1998, 2006 e 2008. On focus are the transformations occurred in curatorial practices and in the institutional sphere of art. The author analyses the São Paulo Biennial political and cultural project to understand the changes on the modes of representation adopted in its recent editions. Based on his role as associated curator of the Fórum Permanente (2006 to 2008), Spricigo, questions curatorial practices by offering conceptual support for a critical debate on cultural mediation in the context of globalised contemporary art exhibitions.

Read the book here


The series launching will happen in New York on March 11th 2011, in the Conference The Now Museum: Contemporary Art, Curating Histories, Alternative Models, organised by the New Museum, the  Independent Curators International e the PhD Program in Art History of CUNY Graduate Center. This conference will be covered  by Fórum Permanente. Other news regarding the launching and distribution of the book series will be published soon.


Credits / Créditos

Credits for / Créditos para: Fórum Permanente Series / Coleção Fórum Permanente


Editorial Partnership / Parceria editorial: Fórum Permanente & Editora Hedra


Editor-in-chief / Coordenação editorial: Martin Grossmann
Editorial board / Conselho editorial: Ana Letícia Fialho, Graziela Kunsch,
Gilberto Mariotti, Martin Grossmann, Iuri Pereira
Executive producer / Produtora executiva: Paula Garcia
Translation / Tradução: Hi-fen Translation Solutions
Revision / Revisão: Ana Lima Cecílio
Graphic design / Projeto gráfico: Estúdio Campo (Carolina Aboarrage,
Paula Tinoco e Roderico Souza)
Desktop publishing / Diagramação: Bruno Oliveira
Editorial production / Produção editorial: Hedra/Iuri Pereira
Print / Impressão e acabamento: Gráfica Hedra


This publication was possible due to the support of the Brazil Contemporary Art Program

from the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo and Brazilian Ministry of Culture.


Essa publicação foi possível graças ao apoio do Programa Brasil Arte Contemporânea

da Fundação Bienal de São Paulo e do Ministério da Cultura.


The series is under creative commons license

A coleção optou por usar a licensa creative commons



The content of the books and related contents are available at/

O conteúdo dos livros e conteúdos relacionais se encontram:


Credits for / Créditos para:

Permanent Forum: Art Museums between the public and private realms

Fórum Permanente: Museus de Arte entre o público e o privado


Chief curator / Curador coordenador: Martin Grossmann

Executive curator / Curadora executiva: Ana Letícia Fialho

Associate curator / Curadora associada: Graziela Kunsch

Curator in residency / Curador residente: Gilberto Mariotti

Information manager / Gestor de informação: Leonardo Assis

Technological manager / Gestão tecnológica: Julio Monteiro

Producer / Produtora: Paula Garcia


Platform concept / Idealização da plataforma

Joachim Bernauer & Martin Grossmann


Ex-members / Ex-integrantes

Durval Lara Filho, Paula Braga, Vinicius Spricigo (associate editors/editores associados), Liliane Benetti (assistant editor/editora assistente), Luciana Valio (researcher/pesquisadora), Beto Shwafaty (producer/produtor)


Special thanks / Agradecimentos

Adélia Borges, Afonso Luz, Ana Maria Tavares, Ana Tomé, André Dogon, Andrea Buddensieg, Ann Demeester, Anna Tilroe, Antoni Muntadas, Antonio Marcos Massola, Aracy Amaral, Ary Plonski, Bruno Fischli, Carla Zaccagnini, Carlos Soares, Cecilia Amorozo, Claire Bishop, Claudinéli Moreira Ramos, Cristiana Tejo, Daniel Rangel, Daniela Bousso, David Thistlewood (in memoriam), Denise Grinspum, Durval Lara, Eduardo Bonilha, Eduardo Peñuela Cañizal, Ettore Enrico Delfino Ligorio, Felipe Chaimovich, Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro, Gitta Luiten, Greice Munhoz, Hans Belting, Hans Glaubitz, Hélio Nogueira da Cruz, Herbert Duschenes (in memoriam), Imre Simon (in memoriam), Jacques Peigne, Jacson Tiola, Jana Binder, Jimena Andrade, Joachim Bernauer, Jorge Schwartz, Júlio Monteiro, Julio Plaza (in memoriam), Justo Werlang, Kiki Mazzucchelli, Laymert Garcia dos Santos, Leonardo Assis, Ligia Nobre, Lisette Lagnado, Lorenzo Mammi, Lucia Maciel Barbosa de Oliveira, Marcelo Araújo, Marília Junqueira Caldas, Mark Nash, Martí Peran, Martin Fryer, Mauro Wilton de Souza, Miguel Chaia, Paulo Costivelli, Pedro Perez Machado, Peter Tjabbes, Pilar Mur, Regina Silveira, Richard Riley, Rodrigo Gomes M. Moreira, Silvia Antibas, Simone Molitor, Solange Farkas, Stephen Rimmer, Suzana Moraes, Teixeira Coelho, Teresa Gleadowe, Teresa Velasquez, Tereza Cristina Carvalho, Tim Butchard, Toby Jackson, Ton Marar, Walter Zanini, Wayne Baerwaldt, Wolfgang Bader, Yara Richter.


Partners / Parceiros