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The global turn of contemporary art in Brazilian collections

Workshop, August 21/22, 2008, Goethe-Institut São Paulo

Organized by Goethe-Institut São Paulo, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Germany, and Forum Permanente for Art Museums, São Paulo 

In 2006 Hans Belting and Peter Weibel initiated the project Global Art and the Museum (GAM) ( at ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe. It aims to explore the impact of contemporary art’s globalization on art institutions, art history, and the art market in the last 20 years. The art market, with its new clientele, acts on a global scale, while art museums operate in an urban or national context where audiences have local views, and where the narratives of art history, or else of alternative genealogies differ from mainstream art discourses.  

The workshop is intended to focus on two main questions. Firstly: What is the response to the global expansion of contemporary art in Brazil today? Does a Brazilian audience as yet have any experience of a new situation in what we call global art? Or is the dichotomy between international (Western) art and local Brazilian art production still prevailing? And secondly: What is the institutional presence of contemporary? What role do museums play, as opposed to galleries and private collections? How do museums deal with the global turn in today’s art in their collection and exhibition policies? To what extent is contemporary Asian or African art present in Brazilian collections? 

The project GAM distinguishes world art, in the sense of world art heritage of all ages and countries, from global art, as being a contemporary phenomenon which only began to develop some 20 years ago. There are four other aspects of the topic to be considered as far as museums are concerned: The suppression of ethnic art, frequently to be observed as a result of a new global art production; the new museum geography and the agenda of newly founded contemporary art museums; art history after Modernism (Belting) and global art history; the de-centralization of the concept of art. 

This two-day workshop is introduced by Hans Belting and Andrea Buddensieg, who provide an overview of the goals and activities of the project GAM. The statements of Ana Belluzo, Ana Leticia Fialho, David Moreno Sperling, Fernando Oliva & Marcelo Rezende, Ivo Mesquita, Jochen Volz, Laymert Garcia dos Santos, Martin Grossmann, Ricardo Basbaum, and Taisa Helena Palhares & Marcelo Arajo (20 minutes each) are to highlight the speakers’ personal views and experiences, both institutional and intellectual. The statements are being discussed by the respondents Afonso Luz, Felipe Chaimovich, Jens Baumgarten, Marcelo Araújo, and Norval Baitello and followed by a discussion open to the workshop audience. 

It is planned that the results of the workshop are going to be published by ZKM in English with a possible co-publication in Portuguese, probably as a co-edition with the Brazilian Ministry of Culture MinC.  

The meeting in Sao Paulo is the first of four workshops which are to examine the global turn in contemporary art in different local contexts. The aim is to build up a body of comparative knowledge that can be discussed and applied in a cross-cultural perspective. 

The São Paulo workshop is coordinated by Andrea Buddensieg and Hans Belting (ZKM), Joachim Bernauer (Goethe-Institut São Paulo), Martin Grossmann (ECA-USP, CCSP and Forum Permanente) and Laymert Garcia dos Santos (Unicamp). It is transmitted online at or 


The workshop languages are German, English and Portuguese. 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

09:30 Opening

    Joachim Bernauer, Goethe-Institut, and Hans Belting, ZKM Karlsruhe

10:00 Andrea Buddensieg: The project GAM – Global Art and the Museum

10:30 Martin Grossmann: The project Fórum Permanente

11:30 Hans Belting: Introduction to the goals of GAM

      Respondent/Moderator: Laymert Garcia dos Santos

14:30 Panel 1: Local counterpoints to the positions of GAM

     Ivo Mesquita, Laymert Garcia dos Santos

     Respondent: Jens Baumgarten

     Moderator: Joachim Bernauer

16:30 Panel 2: Art museums in Brazil

    Ana Belluzo, Martin Grossmann

    Respondent: Marcelo Araújo

    Moderator: Ana Leticia Fialho 

Friday, August 22, 2008

09:30 Panel 3: Ambitions and conflicts: market and artists

    Ana Leticia Fialho, Ricardo Basbaum

    Respondent: Afonso Luz

    Moderator: Laymert Garcia dos Santos

11:30 Panel 4: Actualization / technology / use

    David Moreno Sperling, Fernando Oliva & Marcelo Rezende

    Respondent: Norval Baitello

    Moderator: Martin Grossmann

14:30 Panel 5: Collectivisms of contemporary art in Brazil

    Jochen Volz, Taisa Helena Palhares & Marcelo Arajo

    Respondent: Felipe Chaimovich

    Moderator: Joachim Bernauer

16:30 Final discussion 

List of participants: Afonso Luz [MinC], Ana Letícia Fialho [Fórum Permanente], Ana Maria Belluzzo [USP], Ana Maria Tavares (22/8), Andréa Buddensieg [ZKM Karslruhe], Araci Amaral (21/8), Beatriz Scigliano Carneiro, Claudia Valladão de Mattos [IA Unicamp] (22/8) , Daniel Hanai [SESC], David Sperling [EESC-USP], Fabio Cypriano [PUC-SP], Felipe Chaimovich (22/8), Fernando Oliva [MIS], Gilberto Mariotti, Graziela Kunsch [Fórum Permanente], Hans Belting [ZKM Karslruhe], Ivo Mesquita [Bienal Internacional de São Paulo] (21/8), Jens Baumgarten [Unifesp] (21/8), Joachim Bernauer [Goethe-Institut São Paulo], Jochen Volz [Inhotim, Belo Horizonte] (22/8), Jorge Schwartz [Museu Lasar Segall] (21/8), José Augusto Ribeiro, Laymert Garcia dos Santos [Unicamp], Marcelo Araújo [Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo], Marcelo Rezende, Martin Grossmann [CCSP, ECA-USP, Fórum Permanente], Norval Baitello [PUC-SP], Ricardo Basbaum, Roberta Saraiva Coutinho [Museu Lasar Segall], Sara Lehmanski (22/8), Simone Molitor [Goethe-Institut São Paulo] (21/8), Stella Senra, Taisa Palhares [Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo], Vinícius Spricigio [Fórum Permanente]