In evidence: Reflexive Overview: 11 years of the State of São Paulo´s Annual Conference

Round table brings together professionals and researchers from different Brazilian states and other South American countries to discuss the book that critically reviews the legacy and impact of the Paulista Meeting of Museums held since 2009.

Fórum Permanente, in partnership with the State System of Museums of São Paulo (SISEM-SP), the Cultural Association of Support to the Museum Casa de Portinari (ACAM Portinari) and the Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of São Paulo (IEA-USP), invite to the international launch of the digital book Reflexive Overview: 11 years of the State of São Paulo´s Annual Conference available in Spanish, English and Portuguese on the website of the Fórum Permanente.

The debate (in Portuguese and Spanish)  will be held virtually on September 27, starting at 9:30 a.m. and broadcast live on the YouTube channel of the Institute for Advanced Studies and on Fórum Permanente´s website.

Mediated by Ana Letícia Fialho, Advisor of Museums and Collections of the Rectory of USP and Angélica Fabbri, Executive Director of ACAM Portinari, the debate will have as its central point the book and its more than fifty texts, among criticisms and statements about the policy and cultural scenario that underlie and contextualize the 11 editions of the State of São Paulo´s Annual Conference. Professionals from different countries and states of the federation have been invited to compose the table so that they can expose their impressions about the work and how they relate it to their lives, knowledge and experiences in their respective localities, states and countries.

September 27, 9:30am - 12:00pm
IEA's youtube channel and Fórum Permanente
Mediation: Ana Letícia Fialho and Angelica Fabbri
Participants: Renata Vieira da Motta president of Icom Brazil, Julia Buenaventura Latin American art historian (Colombia), Ramón Castillo Inostroza curator, critic and professor (Chile), Mariana von Hartenthal museologist and art historian (Paraná) and Daniel Rangel curator of the MAM of Bahia.