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International Exhibition and Seminar Natural-Natural: Nature and Artifice

Nature and Artifice
Tuesday 24 / 09
Exhibition Opening
Natural - Natural : Nature and Artifice and Guided Tour
Time : 19h
Location : MAC Museum Of Contemporary Art Ceará / Dragão do Mar Center of Art and Culture . Rua Dragão do Mar 81 . Iracema Beach . Fortaleza .
Natural - Natural : Nature and Artifice , designed and coordinated by artist and Professor . Ana Maria Tavares ( ECA / USP ) , to be held - at the Museum of Contemporary Art 's Center for Art and Cultural Dragão do Mar in Fortaleza , Ceará . This opening night guests and the general public will make a tour with the teacher and artist who will present the results of research works carried out with communities of craftspeople , designers and artists in the city of Fortaleza and neighboring regions.
Exposure periodo: 25 / 09 to 03/11/2013.


The International Seminar LAB - 04 : BETWEEN SCIENCE , POLITICS AND AESTHETICS was designed to promote a critical perspective on the interaction of art and architecture to the science and social. Artists, designers , theorists , historians in Brazil and abroad and the general public , will meet to discuss the dichotomy between progress and backwardness, purity and contamination , beauty and ugliness, and science and ideology underlying the heart of the modern movement Brasileiro . Following the methodologies of laboratories 01 , 02, and 03, which gave rise to exposure NATURAL -NATURAL : Nature and Artifice , Lab 04 also aims to produce and test techniques and assumptions related to how the construction of space - natural and architectural - became in technical device for modernist ideologies .
Location: Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste do Brazil . Conde D' I 590 , Centro, Fortaleza
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09/26/13 - 10am to 13hs
Moderator Ricardo Bezerra

Jacqueline Medeiros ( EC - Brazil ) PhD in History and Art Criticism at the Art Institute of UERJ and coordinator of Visual Arts Cultural Center Banco do Nordeste do Brazil . In his speech as stimulators Processes artistic partnerships and collaborations will make a presentation of the project Natural - Natural : Nature and Artifice carried to the city of Fortaleza .
Luis Renato Bezerra Small ( EC - Brazil ) Professor, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning Graduate Program in Geography UFC , will give a reading of the development processes and degradation of Fortaleza associated with unequal conditions of housing. In Table intra - urban dynamics linked to the uneven development in the metropolitan landscape of Fortaleza , seek to recognize an overview of territorial phenomena and their settings in the city landscape.

Fernanda Rocha ( EC - Brazil ) architect , specialist landscaping is a professor at the University of Fortaleza and coordinator of the research group Laboratory of Landscape - UNIFOR . Participates in research groups and UFPE UECE and thematic group of FAU . His lecture Burle Marx in Fortaleza auspices of modernity interrogate the legacy of Roberto Burle Marx in Fortaleza analyzing what we can learn from the perspectives of innovative and exciting landscape .

Ana Maria Tavares ( SP - Brazil ) artist and professor at USP , will make a presentation about their projects museum Natural - Natural : Nature and Artifice ( Fortress 2013 ) and In- Vitro Natura : Interrogating Modernity ( São Paulo , 2015) . His lecture Nature and artifice : Recent collaborative projects focus on production processes with collaborative artistic and investigative establish a bridge between the knowledge of popular and academic nature.

09/26/13 - 15hs to 18hs
Moderator Enrico Rocha

Fabiola Lopez - Duran ( USA ) Art and architecture historian and professor at Rice University ( USA ) and Nikki Moore ( USA ) and theoretical philosopher , currently developing PhD research in the Department of Art History at Rice University ( USA ) , present a theoretical and historical dialogue titled Biology Built : between eugenics and Post- Humanism investigating the fascination of the artist Ana Maria Tavares by the maneuvers of modernity to reign in nature , revealing the complicity between modernism and eugenics in its political , social and biological.

Gisele Sanglard ( RJ - Brazil ) historian and researcher at the Oswaldo Cruz House ( COC / FioCruz ) is the author of numerous books and essays on the history of health in Brazil . Sanglard present a historical perspective on the relationship between medical sciences , architecture and politics. In Modernity and the Gaffrée Guinles : science, politics and aesthetics Sanglard will analyze the Gaffrée Guinles and designed to be a showcase of scientific progress - the modernity of Brazilian science and architecture genuinely national - and example of nation to be put in practice throughout the country.

Paulo Herkenhoff ( RJ - Brazil ) and curator, critic , director of the Museum of Art in Rio peripatetic adventures : wanderings and mirages , Herkenhoff questions : The eye sees incessantly sees awake when read ( even if read not see) , in faith , ideology, madness, in danger, in blindness , in design, suicide, the model , in the betrayal, Freudian slip , in waking, in sleep , in fantasy , the dream , the desire , the unconscious . The eye sees the shadows in Plato's cave and the white cube . The institution and the market produce the white cube because it places control of movement politics of art and ownership of the product by the market . Art is what produces the light and the dark shadow of the sun . And what does the curator ?

NATURAL -NATURALNature and Artifice.