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MODOS Journal/Brazil - 3 edition

It is a great pleasure to inform you of the launching of MODOS Art Journal third issue.  We would like to thank everyone who have contributed to this edition and invite you all to visit the many modes of writing art history. Read, spread the word, share and, above all, contribute to this space with your own MODES to enrich and multiply discussion about art, its history, theory and critique.



Structure and connections of Alexander Golitsyn's agents network on the European art market of the 2nd half of the 18th century - Olga Popova

“… new content will require an appropriate form …” The Slovene Painter and Graphic Artist France Mihelič (1907 – 1998) - Marjeta Ciglenečki

A U.F.O.-naut in the tropics: Július Koller in South America - Cristina Freire

A Monument of Cultural Solidarity to the People of Chile - Samuel Quiroga; Pablo Cayuqueo

The new meaning of the classroom through Art - Luis Porter

Nova Objetividade Brasileira – Positioning of the avant-garde - Paulo Reis

Frederico Morais’ statement to Fernanda Lopes - Frederico Morais

New Objectivity, new subjectivity: Hélio Oiticica towards the collective - Paula Braga

From the exhibition New Brazilian Objectivity to the event From Body to Earth - Marília Andrés Ribeiro

Vanguard and Revolution as ideas-force in Argentinean art of the sixties - Counterculture, between the curtição and the experimental - Celso Favaretto

The 1970s: from vanguard to post vanguard - Ricardo Nascimento Fabbrini

Territory of Juan Carlos Romero. Chronicles of violence - Maria Angélica Melendi

The Salons of Contemporary Art of Campinas during the 1960s - Renata Cristina de Oliveira Maia Zago

Between stage and song: elective affinities between Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) and Engaged Theater in the 1960s - Miliandre Garcia

The exhibition “In the Drama” and the resonances of the white cube - Vanessa Barrozo Teixeira