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Summer reading and five different exhibition offerings for journeying inside the museum


Fresh summer reads

A compilation of selected texts from MACBA publications


The sense of hearing, the postcard, the photographic camera, television, the Film Catcher and a participative installation are featured in this selection of recommended readings which we have prepared especially for summertime with texts by Ignasi Aballí, Ralf Beil, Eugeni Bonet, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, John Mason and Perejaume.




Five journeys, five creative universes to visit this month


MACBA Collection. Beneath the Surface: brings together works that explore representation and its limits and which at the same time share a common fascination for the material and the surface.

Melanie Smith. Farce and Artifice: Smith’s work links concepts such as colonialism and modernity, the effects of industrialisation and urban environments while also experimenting with colour, changes in scale and abstraction.

Domènec: Not Here, Not Anywhere: The public dimension of architecture and political iconoclasm as seen through cases studies that highlight the errors of the modern movement and the distance between social utopias and realities.

Oscar Masotta. Theory as Action: A reconstruction of the creative arc of this multi-faceted thinker, proponent of Lacanian psychoanalysis and key figure in the Argentinian and Ibero-American artistic avant-garde.

Francesc Torres. The Hermetic Bell: A pioneer in the use of artistic typography in multimedia installations, in this new intervention he presents objects from his personal archives which foreshadow the themes he went on to explore throughout his career.




'En espiral', a family workshop inspired by Lewis Carrol and Melanie Smith



For families with children over 6 years old

Concepts such as the strange, the absurd and changes in scale or format, like in a dance, constitute the jumping-off point for this family workshop in which we will explore the spiral in nature, art and the galaxies.