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Issue 03 of The Garage Journal

The Garage Journal, em 12/10/2021.
Issue 03 of The Garage Journal

Courtesy of Anton Donikov

Dear all,

The 8th Garage International Conference, entitled ‘Utopias of (Non)Knowledge: The Museum as a Research Hub,’ took place on September 24–25, 2021. Sela Kodjo Adjei (National Film and Television Institute, Ghana), Clémentine Deliss (KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Germany), Pauline J. Yao (M+ Museum, Hong Kong), and many other participants engaged in discussions of museum-based research practices. We are grateful to the organizers, speakers, and guests of the conference.

You can (re)watch the different panels of the conference on YouTube, while the abstracts of the papers delivered are available on The Garage Journal’s website.

To coincide with the conference, The Garage Journal, its co-organizer, has also published a special issue entitled ‘The Museum as a Research Hub’. The goal of this special issue is to consider how research is integrated into museums’ future strategies, to reflect on how collaborations among researchers, artists, and curators work, and outline the key applications of practice-based research. In order to address these concerns, the materials selected for the issue focus on the question of method, which allows a new conceptualization of the museum as a research hub.

The complete issue can be downloaded here. We hope you find it enjoyable and stimulating.

The Garage Journal’s Editors

GJ 03

Editorial. The Museum as a Research Hub (EN)
Vlad Strukov

The Museum as a Cognitive System of Human and Non-Human Actors (EN)
Livia Nolasco-Rozsas, Yannick Hofmann

Inclusion Studies and Their Impact on the Strategies for Developing Inclusion Programs in Art Institutions (RU)
Maria Shchekochikhina

Museum as Academy: Research Practices at Copenhagen’s Medical Museion (EN)
Ken Arnold, Adam Bencard, Karin Tybjerg, Louise Whiteley

Why Archive? On the Concept and History of Garage Archive Collection (RU)
Anastasia Tarasova

‘An Exploratory, Irregular Tendency’: Using Digital Gardens in Curatorial Research (EN)
Joella Q. Kiu

Dancing with Heritage: Site-Specific Dance and Performance in Historic Sites and Museums (RU)
Svetlana Kondratyeva

Problems of Archiving Activist Art in Russian Museums (RU)
Tatyana Volkova

Conceptualizing Exhibitions as Sociopolitical Research: An Analysis of European Exhibition Practices of the 1990s (EN)
Mateusz Sapija

‘MUSEUM / enfants non admis’: Arriving Late to Marcel Broodthaers (EN)
Michal Ron

Re-exposition as a Medium: Political Action in the Museum (RU)
Anna Kan