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Prince Claus Fund celebrates 25th anniversary with online festival

e-flux, em 03/12/2021.
Prince Claus Fund celebrates 25th anniversary with online festival

Fernando Arias, The Return. Courtesy of Fernando Arias.

25 Years 25 Hours
Prince Claus Fund

December 8–9, 2021


Different ways of seeing, different ways of gathering—on December 8–9, join us for the 25th Anniversary of the Prince Claus Fund as changemakers around the world take center stage for 25 hours, celebrating human agency with people who have inspired the Fund.

An archive of trans-local realities presented in keynotes, digital workshops, films, music, visual galleries, dialogues, and public interventions, curated by internationally renowned artistic director Keng Sen Ong. Not just a look back, but a focus forward on the potential of planetary consciousness, or, in the words of philosopher Achille Mbembe, “an ethics for a common custodianship of the Earth,” seen through a differentiated practice of care and repair for specific contexts, creating a multiplicity of local worlds in the new international, beyond the pandemic.

“The colonizing gaze is decolonized, and intimate, unexpected, engaged voices re-emerge to narrate their own stories of urgency. These different ways of seeing bring us deep into contexts which enlarge our worldviews at this crucial time,” says Festival curator Keng Sen Ong.

Tune in to enjoy the variety of thoughts and art forms; you'll see Apichatpong Weerasethakul's dreamy film Mekong River, Djamila Ribeiro's keynote speech questioning the founding myths of Brazilian society, artist and photographer Newsha Tavoklian's introspective work For the Sake of Calmness, a fashion show with and about differences by Diamantina Arcoiris. That’s just a taste of what’s to come in this extraordinary festival of culture, featuring views that will surprise, entertain, challenge you.

The Prince Claus Fund 25th Anniversary Online Festival runs from December 8, 2021 at 4pm CET until December 9, 2021 at 5pm CET on our website.

Miss an hour or artist you really wanted to see? Many of the presentations will be available later on our website!

See the full programme (CET):

December 8
4pm, Welcome to the Festival—Keng Sen Ong, Singapore

4:05pm, Keynote Speech: Planetary Consciousness and the Possible Future of Culture*—Achille Mbembe, South Africa

5pm, Letter to a FriendEmily Jacir, Palestine

5:45pm, Elevate Eleguá*—Carlinhos Brown, Brazil

6pm, All That Perishes at the Edge of LandHira Nabi, Pakistan

6:40pm, Muholi Art Projects: BaMu Arts Foundation*—Zanele Muholi, South Africa

7pm, Fashion With and About Differences*Diamantina Arcoiris, Colombia

7:30pm, Keynote Speech: Queer Ecologies: Gender, Ethnic, and Bio Diversities*Brigitte Baptiste, Colombia

8pm, The Return*Fernando Arias, Colombia

8:35pm, For the Sake of CalmnessNewsha Tavakolian, Iran

9pm, What Would You Die For?*—Bahia Shehab, Egypt

9:35pm, Face A Face B & Shooting ImagesRabih Mroué, Lebanon

10pm, Mekong HotelApichatpong Weerasethakul, Thailand

11pm, (I am) À Yàmù Yorùbá (Maanifẹsítò VIII)*Jelili Atiku, Nigeria

12pm, Etcetera, Etcetera. A Post-pandemic Drift From the South of the South*—Etcétera, Argentina

December 9
12:30am, Queerantine I—A Digital Exhibition about Being Queer in Africa

1am, just. dance...A Conversation With Salma Abdel Salam and Hanin Tarek*—Lina Attalah, Egypt

1:40am, WajdanL'Art Rue, Tunisia

3:15am, Architecture as a Prompt for Storytelling*Mariam Issoufou Kamara and Aïcha Macky, Niger

4am, Swinging Fendika*—Fendika Cultural Center, Ethiopia

5am, The Legacy (El Legado)*—Regina José Galindo, Guatemala

5:45am, The Taste of Medlars*—Zara Samiry, Morroco

6am, Plov – All About Food*Kuduk Cultural Center, Kyrgysztan

6:40am, Moon DustMohamed Mahdy, Egypt

7am, Performing Crossroads - Precarious Reflection on the Margins*—Teater Garasi, Indonesia

8am, Queerantine II—A Digital Exhibition about Being Queer in Africa

8:55am, Sabarmati and Its Lovers—Conflictorium, India

9:30am, Tell Us When It’s Time to Panic*—Zapiro, South Africa

10am, Working With Bamboo in Architecture*—Simón Vélez, Colombia

10:35am, Diary of a Dancer*—Dada Masilo, South Africa

11am, Keynote Speech: Architecture in Crisis: Out of Time—Out of Place*—Salma Samar Damluij, UK/Iraq

11:45am, La Quema (The Burning)Carla Fernández, Mexico

12pm, Corpo é (Body is)*—Escola Livre de Dança da Maré, Brazil

1pm, Xiao-WuJia Zhangke, China

3pm, Keynote Speech: Myths About Black Brazilian WomenDjamila Ribeiro, Brazil

4pm, The 25th Hour: New Beginnings

*Originally commissioned and produced by the Prince Claus Fund for its 25th Anniversary Festival: 25 Years 25 Hours.