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ARTISTS-IN-RESIDENCE // CPR 2023: Hello New York!

ARTISTS-IN-RESIDENCE // CPR 2023: Hello New York!

Curatorial Program for Research (CPR)

Fonte: https://www.curatorialprogram.org/community/community-2023

October 16th - 27th, 2023

New York

The Curatorial Program for Research is pleased to announce that Ani Bradberry (USA/Iran), María Conejo (Mexico), Anna Ehrenstein (Germany), Sève Favre (Switzerland), Henrik Langsdorf (USA/Germany), Natalia Mejía Murillo (USA/Colombia), Manuel Mera (Dominican Republic), Carlos Nunez (USA/Venezuela), Elizabeth Peralta (USA), María-Elena Pombo (USA/Venezuela), Nikita Shokhov (USA/Russia), Iván Sikic (USA/Peru), Tichacoco (USA), and Melanie Wu (USA/China/Guatemala) have been selected to participate in CPR 2023: Hello New York! 

Hello New York! is CPR’s Artist Residency Program in New York City, a professional development and networking residency that aims to assist resident and non-resident artists in getting to know the complex and vibrant art scene that exists in New York. Part workshop providing the keys to navigate the local and global art world and part meeting between colleagues around a number of urgent issues, this program serves as a platform to share knowledge and approach new perspectives.

This year’s edition will be produced and coordinated by Dominican Curator Dulcina Abreu. As a multifaceted artist, curator and museum advocate, Abreu work explores 21st-century visual and material culture from the Caribbean Diaspora in the US, immigration, LGBTQI+ community organizing, mutual-aid economies, and digital activism.

HNY 2023 will take place from October 16th to October 27th, 2023, and it is carried out with local partners in New York City. The program content is developed in response to the needs of the participating artists, and it is produced thanks to the generous support of the Brooklyn Arts Council, Humanities New York and the Cowles Charitable Trust.

The Curatorial Program for Research (CPR) is the core facilitator of an international network of curators, artists and institutions. Through open calls and full research scholarships, CPR has three goals: first, to enable a direct, in situ communication between international curators and local artists. Secondly, to promote equal access to knowledge. And third, to act as a platform for promotion and practice for the participating artists, curators and hosts.

With a nomadic and intensive format, CPR promotes dialogue between international curators and local artistic scenes. The program was created by curators, for curators, and is a U.S.-based non-profit international organization.