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Keitakuen Garden, Osaka

Keitakuen Garden is a quite large, stroll type garden (Kaiyu-shiki-teien in Japanese) centred on a large pond. Keitakuen was built for the very wealthy Sumitomo Family, merchants and industrialists who made their modern fortune with the Besshi Copper Mine on Shikoku. The building that now houses the Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts was their main family home in Osaka and the garden was attached to it. Both the house and garden were donated to the city of Osaka by the family in 1926. The garden was designed by Ogawa Jihei (the 7th), (1860 to 1933) who many consider a pioneer of modern Japanese garden design.| photos by Martin Grossmann, September 2019 | URL: https://osaka-info.jp/en/page/keitakuen-garden