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Hoki Museum (ホキ美術館 Hoki Bijutsukan)_Midori-ku_Chiba

Opened on 3 November 2010, it is Japan’s first museum dedicated to realist painting. An audacious architectural project developed by Nikken Sekkei –one of the largest architectural practice in the world– in a collaborative manner (this is their motto), having as design director Taro Nakamoto. The building is composed by a set of long and gently curved concrete tubes that are piled in a way to produce a spatial, plastic and volumetric dynamism. These "tubes" differ one from the other and lodge the picture galleries, creating therefore a quite distinctive museum experience. One of them stands out with a impressive 30 meter cantilever with a view to the park. | Photos by Martin Grossmann, October 2019 and since taking pictures inside the museum is forbidden, 3 images from the site of Nikken Sekkei are included. <https://www.nikken.co.jp/en/projects/cultural/hoki_museum.html>