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Mori Art Museum_Tokyo

Mori Minoru, founder of the Museum & Mori Yoshiko, chairperson, decided that they wanted to make Roppongi Hills a model for future developments in urban planning. Therefore they created a new museum in the top of a skyscraper (52nd floor) —the Mori Tower— that exhibits contemporary art and architecture. The Museum opened in October 2003 and is visible from different parts of Tokyo and also offers stunning views of Tokyo. According to their statement "The Mori Art Museum strives to be a place for enjoyment, stimulation and discussion - a place where what is important in our culture and society is openly debated, not only through the exhibitions that are shown there but also through a wide range of learning programs." It engages a wide range of audience: from young school children to students and senior citizens, from people living in Tokyo, the country and also from around the world. | photos by Martin Grossmann, taken in 2014/2016/2019 | URL: https://www.mori.art.museum/en/index.html