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The Osaka City Museum of Fine Art

The Osaka Municipal Museum of Fine Art was established in May 1946 with the aim of providing citizens with opportunities to interact with art and culture, enriching their lives, subsidizing the activities of artists, and broadly contributing to the promotion of Osaka culture. The museum is located in Tennoji Park, that was home to the Sumitomo family's main residence. It was donated to Osaka City together with a garden (Chisen-kaiyushiki Garden) for the purpose of constructing the museum. The museum consists of the main building at the time of its establishment and an underground exhibition room newly established in 1992 in the basement of the museum. It consists of 3 floors above ground and 2 floors below. Special exhibitions and collection exhibitions are held in the main building display room. Regular exhibitions display over 8400 collections of Japanese and Chinese paintings, sculptures, and crafts collected from purchases and donations, as well as works deposited from shrines and temples. Many of these works are designated as national treasures and important cultural properties. In the underground exhibition room, there are always exhibitions organized by various art organizations. In the basement of the main building, there is an art research institute attached to the museum, which conducts practical research on drawing, painting and sculpture | Photos by Martin Grossmann September 2019 | URL: https://www.osaka-art-museum.jp/en/