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Technical Visit to the Tofuku-ji Temple - Kyoto

Tofuku-ji Temple: Covering an area of about 240,000m2, this is the largest Zen temple in Kyoto. The view of the Sengyokukan valley seen from the Tsuten-kyo bridge is spectacular, and in the autumn, visitors gather on the narrow bridge to see the changing leaves. The temple has a number of National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties, including the Sanmon Gate built in the medieval period which is the oldest extant temple gate, and a rather famous lavatory called tosu. During the technical visit to the temple we listen to explanations about these cultural assets and visit the site where conservation work is conducted. This visit was organised by Kyoto's Heritage and Culture Department | Photos by Martin Grossmann, September 2019 | URL: http://www.tofukuji.jp/english/