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Baoju Wang

Baoju Wang, editor Art Today and adjunct director Today Art Museum, Peking (China)



Born in 1965, live and work in Beijing, China as Deputy Director, Editor in Chief, Curator and Writer Deputy Director, Today Art Museum - Editor in Chief, Art Today publications



Post Nora, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China, 2006

The Borders of Utopia, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China, 2008



Interviews not Related to Art : Ai Weiwei, Chen Danqing. Renmin Wenxue Publishing House, Beijing, China, 2006

Interviews not related to Architecture : Bao Pao, Pan Shiyi.Renmin Wenxue Publishing House, Beijing, China, 2006


Beijing Today Art Museum was founded by Mr. Zhang Baoquan in 2002. It has been managed by the current director, Mr. Zhang Zikang since 2004. The museum aims to promote Chinese contemporary art based on an internationalized vision and a contemporary ideology. As the first non-for-profit, non-governmental run art museum in China, it dedicates to explore an appropriate development strategy for museums of its kind within a Chinese context.

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