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Carlos Guzmán

Carlos Guzmán is a Colombian artist, co-founder and member of the editorial board of {{em_rgencia}, a contemporary art magazine. He develops collective processes of urban intervention, performance, alternative communication systems, non-formal pedagogy and editorial production as a member of Group 0,29. In 2014 was awarded with the "National Art Criticism Prize" of the colombian Ministry of Culture. Currently is Associated Researcher at ‘Fórum Permanente’, a cultural organization located in Sao Paulo, which works as action and cultural mediation platform in different levels of the contemporary art system.

In his multimedia work, reflects on the way the history could mediate actively into the present and the relation between sound and the territory construction. His projects have been made part of individual and collective exhibitions in different events and cultural spaces in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

At the moment is coursing a Master in Visual Arts at ‘University of São Paulo’ supported by a scholarship of the ‘National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development’ CNPQ of Brazilian government.