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Balmoral: Announcement fellowships 2016


Announcement of the Balmoral and state fellowships for 2016

We are pleased to inform you that for 2016 the following fellowships are offered:

For international visual artists

The focus of artistic work for the residential fellowships for 2016 must be on the medium of drawing, whereby drawing does not necessarily mean just ‘graphite on paper’. Formal and conceptual exploration of the limits and possibilities of the genre are also welcome. Since 2013, fellowships are offered in one artistic genre or one theme each year. This offering, which is unique in Germany, is intended to enable deeper mutual creative cross-fertilisation among the resident artists.


For international fellows in the humanities


The residential fellowships are endowed with 1,400 Euro a month.

For visual artists with relation to Rhineland-Palatinate

For these fellowships there are no artistic requirements.

Attention: From 2015 on, artists with relation to Rhineland-Palatinate can apply three times for each state fellowship, meaning three times for a project fellowship, three times for a fellowship in Paris etc. (past applications included).

The application period for all fellowships runs up to and including June 30th 2015 (date of postmark). Detailed information and application forms are available on our homepage.


We are grateful if artists worldwide receive this call for applications through publication and forwarding!


With kind regards


Your team of the Kuenstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral



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