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Final project de Appel arts centre Curatorial Programme 2014–2015

Final project Curatorial Programme 2014–2015
May 23–June 28, 2015

de Appel arts centre
Prins Hendrikkade 142
1011 AT Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 11am–6pm








The final project of the Curatorial Programme 2014–15 has opened with two exhibitions: Spell to Spelling ** Spelling to Spell and Your Time Is Not My Time.

Spell to Spelling ** Spelling to Spell emerges in the spaces between the linguistic and associative relations of the notions of the spell and the spelling. The exhibition investigates various facets and rituals dealing with voluntary, involuntary and removed memory of the author, the visitors and the artworks themselves. Fascination and curiosity over the stories, histories, references and biographies of the artworks have folded and unfolded the exhibition.

A question arises regarding whether and how this abundance of information can be transferred and translated to the visitor within an exhibition space. Or should perhaps the entire discovery be left up to the viewer? A tension between telling and showing repeatedly appears in relation to the artworks where the meaning of the works is often hidden behind short annotations. Would a parallel and non-explanatory narrative or hiding the information entirely change the usual relationships and behaviours in the exhibition space? Participating artists, interpreters, archaeologists, scientists, historians, pilgrims, butchers and crossword experts include: David Bernstein (US/EU), Francisco Camacho (Colombia), Alberto De Michele (Italy), Christian Fogarolli (Italy), Ola Lanko (Ukraine), Martin La Roche (Chile), Myriam Lefkowitz (France), Charles Matton (France), Robertas Narkus (Lithuania), and Ossip (Netherlands). 

Your Time Is Not My Time deals with the blurred boundaries between audience and producer, exploring an expansive (or disappearing) notion of authorship. Usership arises as a novel form of behaviour in a society where public sphere and our private life are melting.  Following the scheme of a playlist, Your Time Is Not My Time elaborates a custom-fit mode of cognition and perception triggered by the new use of visuality, where love (emphatic economy) and depletion (interface) shape an alternative visual economy. 

Examples of works on usership in the exhibition include Australian artist Benjamin Forster's work, which takes the shape of an online performance for the websites of de Appel arts centre and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Despite its random appearance, the performance is scripted with an algorithm which slows down our online experience. Another featured artist is Dutch design duo Metahaven, which contributes with an homage to the architectural models of Constant Nieuwenhuys's New Babylon, proposing that through constant networked communication and the integration of work into every part of life, love is the most binding contract founded on mutual debt. Participating artists include: Keren Cytter (Israel),  Lav Diaz (Philippines), Benjamin Forster (Australia), Andrés Galeano (Spain), Riley Harmon (US), Tilman Hornig (Germany), Metahaven (Netherlands), Alexandra Navratil (Switzerland), Sam Smith (Australia), Wu Tsang (US), and Bruno Zhu (Portugal).

Public programme & catalogue
The exhibitions are accompanied by a public programme that includes a series of talks, workshops, performances and film screenings. It takes place in different locations, between 17 May and 28 June. For the full list and updates, please see www.deappel.nl

On 12 June, the catalogue of the exhibitions, designed by Dongyoung Lee, will be launched in Kunstverein, Amsterdam.

Curators: Barbara Cueto, Bas Hendrikx, Chiara Ianeselli, Inga Lāce, Lian Ladia

With thanks to Ammodo, VSBfonds, Fonds 21

About de Appel arts centre
De Appel is an internationally oriented arts centre in the centre of Amsterdam. Since its founding in 1975, it has served as a leading platform for research and the presentation of contemporary art.

About the Curatorial Programme
Initiated in 1994 as an in-house international training trajectory for young curators, the Curatorial Programme of de Appel arts centre offers its participants hands-on experience and skills for the further development of their professional career. Each year the programme culminates with the collective development of a final project at de Appel arts centre.




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