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Arquine Competition No. 20: MEXTRÓPOLI 2018 Pavilion

September 16, 2017

A ROOM, by Matteo Gidoni + Enrico Dussi, winner of the MEXTRÓPOLI 2017 Pavilion.

Competition No. 20: MEXTRÓPOLI 2018 Pavilion

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Arquine is happy to announce the competition to design and build a temporary pavilion for MEXTRÓPOLI 2018, the International Festival of Architecture and the City. The pavilion should demonstrate a sustainable approach, contemplate an open public program, and create a place for interaction between architecture and citizenship. The MEXTRÓPOLI 2018 Pavilion will become an active public space for programs and reflections on key urban issues. The pavilion should: have a social vocation, be recyclable and reusable, be a recreational device, and carry both information and knowledge to different spaces as demanded by the city.

Participants are called upon to design a structure that complies with the requirements that specify the rules of this competition in terms of time, cost, and characteristics. The proposal should include a thematic approach and consider how discussions within the structure will be carried out. The MEXTRÓPOLI 2018 Pavilion will become a device that can be used to generate ideas revolving around the development of architecture and the city, which in turn will be used as a benchmark for following editions of the festival.

For full competition details, click here.

Documentation needed
A digital image with the entirety of the project. The board must contain all the necessary information to explain and understand the proposal. The image will be identified by a code that the system will generate at the moment of registration. This code must be visible on the upper right corner of your project board.

It is essential that the image submitted contain the following:

–General plans and layouts of the project, including floor plans and sections, scaled adequately to ensure reading and comprehension of the plans
–Diagrams, views, sketches, renderings, or any other form of visual representation that will help explain the project.
–Constructive details that are considered essential to explain the project
–A 250 word-long (max) descriptive text. Any text or description can only be delivered in either Spanish or English

The image or board must comply with the following format: rectangular in shape, 60cm high by 90cm long (i.e. horizontal display), 72 dpi, and only .JPG will be accepted. The file must be no larger than 5MB in order to facilitate uploads and downloads.

First place:
–Construction of the MEXTRÓPOLI 2018 Pavilion
–100,000 mexican pesos
–MEXTROPASE VIP for all the team members
–Pack of ten books from Arquine

Second place:
–50,000 mexican pesos
–MEXTROPASE VIP for all the team members
–Pack of ten books from Arquine

Third place:
–25,000 mexican pesos
–MEXTROPASE VIP for all the team members
–Pack of ten books from Arquine

–Pack of ten books from Arquine

October 27: End of FAQ process
November 16: Jury members announcement
January 5: End of registration process
January 12: Proposal upload deadline
January 15: Jury’s verdict
February 5: Executive project delivery
February 12: Beginning construction
March 12: Installation of the pavilion on site
March 17: Public inauguration